SUPERGUN is version 2.0 of the world wide non-famous guitarist Carlos Fibla, born in Barcelona. He is linked to music since, when he was five, founded “Chismos”, an imaginary band that never recorded a single song, but in his imagination, never stopped playing on the radio, to touring and seduce girls who stole the lollipop. This band was followed by other more realistic, a few demos and two or three albums released that keeps on a  secret shelf.

His love of guitar has gone hand in hand with a boundless passion for machines and everything that could create or modify a sound. Due to a chronic bankrupt economy, these machines were only a Casio VL-1 and a ZX Spectrum from his brother. Few years later, someone gave him a sampler, a keyboard and a multiFX indefinitely and was the starting point of SUPERGUN.

What’s SUPERGUN music? It’s electro, gothic, dance, industrial, metal, house, rock… don’t believe in genres or labels, just believe in music.

SUPERGUN had other names and released rock, pop, ska, chill out albums and remixes with many spanish and european labels, but now is here to show you the way of the music.